TheFatLab is a comprehensive music studio with a wide network of music business professionals and musicians of all genres at its fingertips.

Having worked on projects with well-known global brands, as well as producing albums, we have created a successful portfolio that transcends language and geography.

If you’re an ad agency, film director or a band, and like to push boundaries, take a look at some of our work.

TheFatLab was established by Ali Riza Sahenk in 2006



Analog Processing:

-AlanSmart C2 (stereo compressor)
-Avalon Vt737sp (mic pre)
-Ati 8mx2  (8 mic pre&summing&compressor)
-Summit 2BA-221 (mic pre)
-Summit TLA-50 (compressor)
-Joemeek VC1 (mic pre)
-RNC1773 (stereo compressor)
-RNLA7239 (stereo limiter)
-Ashly SC-66a (stereo eq)
-PreSonus ACP-88 (8ch gate&compressor)

Digital Processing:

-Waves MaxxBCL (mastering processor)
-RME ADI8 (8ch A/D/A Converter)
-MacPro (2×2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon / 6GB DDR3)
-iMac (3.6 GHz Intel Core i5 / 8GB DDR3)
-Digi 002 (running ProTools 10)


-Electrix Warp Factory (vocoder)
-Moog MF-104Z (analogue delay)
-Moog MF-107 (freqbox)
-Moog MP-201 (midi to cv converter)
-T.C. Electronic m-one xl (fx processor)
-Lexicon mx200 (fx processor)


-Neumann U87Ai
-Se Electronics Z5600
-Se Electronics SE1A (x2)
-Groove Tubes GT44
-Senheiser MD421(x3)
-AKG D112
-Shure PG52-Shure SM57 (x2)
-Shure SM58


-Genelec 8050
-Adam A7X
-Mackie Big Knob

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